An active dog is a happy dog! We all know regular exercise is good for dogs, but just like you, regular exercise also makes for a happier dog. While a backyard is great, trotting around in a circle is not enough to keep your dog fit and youthful. Like people, dogs require daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy in mind and body. You know it's true... fresh air and exercise do your doggie good! So let us help you ensure your dog gets as much as possible.

Doggie Trail walkers are available to visit your dog as often as needed during the day. Our walkers come to your home, pick up your pooch, take them for a spin, and return them happy and relaxed.

We all know weather can be unpredictable in Massachusettes, but rain, sleet, snow, or shine - we'll be there for you and your dog! Leave us a jacket or sweater, and we'll make sure their suited up for maximum comfort... come what may! We'll always dry them off, and of course, every walker ensures the water bowl is full before they leave!

Check out our awesome prices...
15 minute walk - $17
20 minute walk - $20
30 minute walk - $25
45 minute walk - $30
1 hour walk - $35

Additional Fees for:

Multi-dog homes (dogs walked at same time), please add $10 (30 min) or $15 (over 45 min) per dog to above price.

Guaranteed private or solo dog walks, please add $10 per walk to above price.

Walks on mornings (before 9am) or evenings (after 5pm), please add $10 additional per walk to above price.

Walks on weekends, holidays please add $10 additional per walk to above price.

Emergency/last minute walks (scheduled less than 3 hours before needed time), please add $10 per walk to above price.

New Year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas please add $20 per walk to above price.


Please call or text for more information or to schedule your dog walking services at (781) 654-7152.








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